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Pesach cleaning and allergies make for a cranky me

I spent all day yesterday sneezing and sniffling from a combination of tree and dust allergies. I am so happy that I tolerate pseudoephedrine well, I couldn't get by without it.

I am not quite done with week 2 (ABK) cleaning, it's a long list -- but I've completed the Worst Job of the Year. That is, cleaning out the kids' art boxes and recycling a good portion of it. We permit the kids to save anything they want in their art bins in the dining room, both the things we'll want to save forever and the ephemeral things that need a cooling-off period. Since the bins are kept in the dining room, they really need to be cleaned out before pesach. So today I emptied, sorted, shook out the bins and swept behind them, and put the keepers into long-term storage.

It's a necessary but daunting task that brings out happy emotions of reviewing the wonderful things they've done, and sad emotions of letting many things go. In T's case, a lot of the stuff he brings home is art he worked hard on, and writing or math exercises that I want to keep. He also brings home monstrously large things he's made out of construction paper, and some of these have to go. Alissa produces massive amounts of art, some of which is very thoughtfully crafted.

Now I have to hide the bags of recycling.

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