introverte (introverte) wrote,

And so it begins

Today I did almost all of my Week 1 tasks from my four-week list leading up to... you know. Week 1 is a complete cleaning of the second floor, including closets, medicine cabinets, and the kids' rooms. It should surprise no one to learn that Tani is his father's son -- I think they have magpie genes in there somewhere. Fortunately I had already done the kids' closets two weeks ago so cleaning the two kid rooms only took... um... 4 hours? Geez.

Naturally it goes much faster without "help" but it's also necessary to teach them how to clean and organize. Tani would much rather do the scrubbing kind of cleaning than the putting away, straightening, and throwing away kind; but I told him in a couple weeks he'll have plenty of that. Alissa is a master of the art of passive resistance, but I assigned 530nm330hz to help her in her room and they seemed to do okay without the conniptions I had with Tani.

Next week: Downstairs ABK (All but kitchen)
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