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Luckiest Kid in Boston

Yesterday I got a call from Tani's school that he'd been sent to the nurse's office for suspected conjunctivitis. Tani has been prone since the age of two to eye infections/allergies that look a little like conjunctivitis, but really aren't the same. Nonetheless, I was fully aware that I wasn't going to be able to convince the school that he was fine, so I agreed to pick him up. As expected, one eye was discharging some goo, but there was no sign of redness. It was kind of a toss-up to me whether I should just home-treat as usual or take him in, but since he hadn't had one of these episodes in a year, I decided to take him in to the doctor's office.

The first available appointment was 4:50 yesterday. The doctor's office is located in Kenmore Square, down the street from Fenway. Andrew informed me that the Sox were expected to arrive at Logan at 3:30 and proceed directly to Fenway to be welcomed by fans. I was a little apprehensive about the possible crowds, but I decided to go anyway. Oddly enough, three years ago when the Sox had just swept the Cards, I was also at the doctor's office the day of homecoming.

We arrived about an hour early, because I had allowed ridiculous extra time for traffic, which we did not experience. So, we set off down the street to see what was doing. There was a medium-sized crowd at the end of Yawkey Way, but nothing scary. The kids decided they'd rather go into the souvenir store than wait for the team's return, which was a good choice since they ended up being late. We bought 2007 banners for the kids' rooms, and a baseball. (I'd already gotten t-shirts that morning) We meandered back for our appointment, and naturally, did not see Tani's regular doctor, but a nurse practitioner. She was very nice and competent (I like NPs very much) but not knowing his history intimately, decided he'd better have antibiotics. OK, I knew this would make the school happy. Oh, and keep him out of school 24 hours.

Ah ha. Well, I knew the parade ("rolling rally") was today, and although I hadn't intended to pull the kids from school to attend, this opportunity was too good to pass up. Tani was completely not sick, and I firmly believe, not contagious. He'd already started (probably unnecessary) treatment, and wasn't supposed to return to school for a day. I felt somewhat guilty taking him to the parade, but on the other hand I knew the school would be Not Happy if I sent him to school today. Obviously I pulled Alissa from school too, but I refuse to feel guilty about that when it's preschool.

This morning we took the T downtown to see the victorious Sox. I chose the Common as a good spot, since I figured we'd have more space to retreat to if the crowds got crazy. We arrived early, and ate our lunches while watching the players getting interviewed on the portable Jumbotron. The kids played for a while, and then we staked out a bench next to Tremont Street. I had a pretty good feeling that Alissa wasn't going to be very absorbed, so I wanted a somewhat sheltered spot away from the main pack. Most of the people were close up to the barriers, or standing on the brick retaining wall/planters next to the street. We were about 20 feet away, but were able to stand on our bench and get a pretty good view. I didn't get many pictures, since my right arm was occupied in keeping Tani balanced on the back of the bench.

It was a fairly boring wait until the parade arrived, but once it did Tani and I were delighted. He was shouting "Woooo!" and "Yoooooouk!" and he told me this was the best thing he'd ever done. Alissa kept trying to wander away collecting pieces of fallen confetti, but was pretty well-behaved considering how uninterested she was.

Tani wrote up his experience [I have standardized his creative spelling]: I went to the parade celebrating the Red Sox winning the World Series. There were Duck Boats. Each player got a Duck Boat. I saw a blimp. (Click for Tani's "blog" version.)

I didn't think Alissa really enjoyed herself, but she told Andrew at bedtime that she saw "the player who promised to dance" (Papelbon) and that Kevin Youkilis waved at her. She liked the trophy, too.

Pictures here.
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